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International Physical Literacy Conference

In June of 2015, Mount Royal Faculty and a Child Studies traveled to Vancouver to present at the 2015 International Physical Literacy Conference. Dawne Clark and Nancy Ogden, co-directors of the Centre for Child Well-Being, presented a session on the physical literacy observation (PLOT) tool. They explained how the PLOT is used to observe preschoolers’ physical literacy and the results of their assessments piloting it in child care centres and recreation programs.

Katie Jewitt presented a poster on research conducted by the CCWB. The poster, titled Physical Literacy: An Early Childhood Paradox examines early childhood educators attitudes, knowledge, and support for incorporating physical literacy into their child care programming. The definition for physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, and competence to move for a lifetime.

The International Physical Literacy conference is designed to bring together sport, health, education and recreation experts from around the world.

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