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Active Learning Park Opening for 2018 Season in April!

It's TRUE! Granary Road's Active Learning Park is opening for the 2018 season in April! Three kilometers of trails lead kids of all ages through a series of eleven exhibits each featuring imaginative play areas in either animal, insect or agricultural themes. Giant animatronic spiders, bats and frogs greet kids as they climb and play on swings, slides and climbers that thrill their imaginations.

Granary Road (loacted in De Winton, Alberta) is hoping to open around April 10th, but that date will be a moving target based on weather. Please watch social media and for updates! Active Learning is at its BEST at Granary Road, 11 pods, 37 acres and several kilometers of pathways to explore. Add to that one AMAZING Public Market and you've got a fun, educational, active and delicious outing for you and your family!

Click the picture to link to their website!


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