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Early Years Physical Literacy

The Early Years Physical Literacy Team consists of faculty members and undergrad students from a variety of disciplines at Mount Royal University who have been exploring physical literacy for preschool children since 2007.

What is physical literacy? Our team uses a basic definition proposed by Dr Margaret Whitehead in 2010: the motivation, confidence, and competence to move for a lifetime. Each year, new and exciting questions have presented themselves for our team to investigate. 

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About Us

We began with an innocent student question in a Child Studies research class: How much physical activity does a child receive during an average ten-hour day in child care? We were concerned to learn that, in 2007 in Calgary, preschool children were receiving an average of only 30 minutes of activity! That led our team to launch an innovative applied research program to provide resources and education for early childhood educators and to impact policy.

Past and current research, as well as videos, a physical literacy planning manual for early childhood educators, webinars, and resources, are just a few of the things you'll find while exploring our site! 

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