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The APPLE Model

Active Play and Physical Literacy Everyday!

The APPLE model shows how closely the concepts of physical literacy align with active play. Physical literacy forms the core of the apple.  It can be developed through active play as represented by the skin of the apple: Environment, Play, Engagement, and Relationships


About the APPLE Model

Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) are not Physical Education teachers but they do understand the importance of learning through play for preschool children. So we designed the APPLE Model to show the relationship between active play and physical literacy.


The APPLE Seeds Program is an extension of previous resources our team has developed. The goal with APPLE Seeds is to support ECEs who may not yet have the confidence and competence to provide stimulating physically literate environments for preschool children. Each activity in APPLE Seeds builds on the previous one and includes an introductory activity to help build context for the children, an adult-led activity, and lots of time for unstructured play.

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sports

is using the APPLE model in the undertaking of a project which will build physical and ethical literacy through multi-sport programming. Their project is called TRUEPlay MULTISPORT, and is led by the True Sport Foundation.

TRUEPlay MULTISPORT will be using the APPLE model created by Mount Royal University’s Centre for Child Well-Being as a part of their T-shirt design, to promote active play!

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